Movie Night! Protecting IP in the Social Media Age

For those who were unable to attend the Copyright Society’s Feburary 23, 2011 program “Protecting Intellectual Property in the Social Media Age” here in San Francisco, video of the program is now available on the Copyright Society’s website here. The panel was comprised of Kerry Hopkins, Senior IP Director at Electronic Arts; Warren Sampson, Social Media Coordinator at S. Martinelli & Co.; and Jason Schultz, Asst. Clinical Professor of Law in the Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic at UC Berkeley School of Law; and was moderated by my partner, Lawrence J. Siskind of Harvey Siskind LLP.

We received terrific feedback from this program and I am pleased to spread the word that the video is now available online. Enjoy!

File-sharing: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Gavin McGimpsey, an undergraduate at Kenyon College, is conducting research into file-sharing and attitudes about copyright law.  The research is funded by Kenyon College’s John W. Adams Summer Legal Scholars Program in Socio-Legal Studies.  Mr. McGimpsey’s research includes a survey directed at those interested in file-sharing and copyright law.  If you are interested in participating in the survey, you can find it here.  For more information about Mr. McGimpsey and his project, click here

An Associate Provost at Kenyon College confirmed by telephone today that Mr. McGimpsey is enrolled there, and that he is undertaking this research project in connection with his studies.

Viacom and YouTube Open the Kimono
Parties Publicly File Redacted Copies of Summary Judgment Motions

Today, the parties in Viacom v. YouTube, No. 07-2103 (S.D.N.Y. filed March 13, 2007) made public redacted copies of  their summary judgment motions and supporting declarations, which were originally filed under seal on March 8.  The volume of materials is staggering, though not surprising in such a significant and vigorously disputed case.  Whatever else one concludes about the filings, there appears to be a very thoroughly developed record here.  I will be posting my reactions to the filings in the coming days, but in the meantime, here are copies of the briefs and most of the declarations (not all exhibits are included).

Viacom MSJ
Hohengarten Declaration
Ostrow Declaration
Solow Declaration

YouTube MSJ
Botha Declaration
Hurley Declaration
King Declaration
Levine Declaration
Maxcy Declaration
Reider Declaration
Rubin Declaration
Schaffer Declaration
Schapiro Declaration
Solomon Declaration
Walk Declaration